See Newland

with Luca Ma


Forever in memory..

It is hard to find words for this, but I think you should know. Yesterday my loved new zealand 'father' Duncan passed away.

I want to thank you once more for everything you have done for me. For all the time you spend with me, for all advices and help you gave me, for the food you cooked for me so passionatly, for the fishingtrips, for the accomondation, for everything.. You made my stay in New Zealand absolutly perfect. You will always be in my heart, and some kind of father to me. Rest in peace.



More than 400km hitchhiking to Cape Reinga

Hey friends, after a week relaxing in Paihia I decided to give hitchhiking a try. And it worked out better than I have ever expected. It took me 6 1/2 hours and 5 driver to get from Paihia to Kaitaia. I stayed a night at the worst hostel so far and then hitchhiked to Cape Reinga. One local guy picked me up and showed me everything around the cape. It was aaaaawesome, definetly one of my lucky days :)! After that I hitchhiked back to Paihia to stay 3 more night at the beautiful hostel I stayed the week before. Hitchhiking is definetly a great experience and really easy and normal in New Zealand. I met some great personalities and am still improving my english.

Just 4 days left until I take my flight to Queenstown to meet my parents. And just 11 days left until I am coming home! At the moment I am chilling at the beach and slowly get the tan I wanted. 

Pictures coming soooooon



Holiday while Holiday in the Northland of NZ

Today is the 2nd of March and I left Auckland this morning. Only 22 days left until my flight back to germany departs from Christchurch. I am excited, a little bit sad and definetly not tanned enough to go home yet. So I decided to take my last time for a little bit of summer holiday in the Northland, absorb all the sunlight I can get and relax. So now I am in Paihia for the next week. I am living in a hostel at the beach and enjoy the warm weather. I defintely want to travel to Cape Reinga after that week, but I havent made any further plans yet.

Unfortunatly I cant upload any pictures at the moment, because I have no free wifi-connection in the hostel I am staying at. Be patient a few days. :)




A new view of Auckland

I left Rotorua at the 27th of February and traveled on to Auckland. The second time in here and my view of the city changed a little bit. I actually liked it this time. Lots of people, traffic, shops and stores... and no smell. I stayed 3 nights at the same hostel from the very beginning of my journey. I went in town for shopping and to an outlet-shoppingcenter, little bit more outside the city. At the last evening I went spontaniously to a chinese new year festival around the corner and enjoyed a great firework above the Skytower as their festivals grand final.



Here I go by myself to Rotorua and another world

My first stop of my trip on my own was Rotorua. A pleasant city in the interior of the country with that light smell of rotten eggs. Why is that? Because of the geothermal activity in this region. It wasn't that bad after I learned that it is mother earth who does that, and not any rubbish or dirt. I stayed 5 nights in a really good hostel in the center of Rotorua. The first 3 days I just dicovered the city a little bit and the source of the smell as well. On the fourth day I went waterrafting on the Kaituna River with the highest commercial waterfall dropdown of NZ. 7 meters! It was such an amazing hour on water with 5 other young backpackers in the boat and our guide, who did his job perfectly. We swam down several waterfalls and had lots of fun. I had my camera with me and shot alot of great pictures and movies.


The day after that I went to the Hobbiton Movieset. I never ever expected that the atmosphere would be that stunning! I felt like in an other world. Everything was so lovely detailed! After the guided tour, everyone of our group enjoyed some freebeer in the Green Dragon Pub. Check out my Facebookpage for lots of pictures.




From Queenstown back to my second home.. Napier

My friends and me traveled from the westcoast down through Queenstown, the most beautiful city in New Zealand so far in my eyes. From there we went further south-west to the Fjordland of New Zealand. Due to bad weather conditions we decided to just have a short look into the Milford Sounds and travel back to Queenstown to stay 2 nights at a hostel in the center of it.

It was great to have a proper shower again after 3 weeks of camping. I ate the best burger of my life at ''Fergburger'', enjoyed the hostel-spapool and went clubbing with my mates. But nevertheless it was time to say goodbye to my mates, because I decided spontaniously to leave the group and take a flight to Wellington and a bus back to my second home.. Napier. The reason is, that I just have 2 months left to travel the North Island and that my parents will visit me in March and I will travel with them the eastern part of the South Island. So it would have been a waste of time to do that twice with my mates and my parents.

So I am here in Napier at Duncans place again. He welcomed me with open arms and treats me like a familymember. He cookes me dinner and doesnt even charge me for the accomondation. Pinky and him went to Taupo with me for a day. We took a boat to a great waterfall, fished and ate prawns and took some selfies. I will stay here until the 22nd of February to experience the Napier Art&Deco Weekend and than travel on through the North Island. I have already booked my future trip to Rotorua (with waterrafting and daytrip to Hobbiton) than to Auckland (where I will stay at my first hostel "the Attic") and finally to Whangarei in the north of New Zealand.

Lets see what else will come up the next days. I hope you all enjoy carneval without me unfortunatly. I will post some more stuff in the next days hopefully.




Mixed Pictures - Queenstown & Milford & Taupo



Westcoast Pictures


Mountains, Glacier, Lakes

We continued traveling the westcoast down south and camped few days on a beautiful campsite at a lake between the mountains. From there on we started a daytrip the the Fox and Franz Josef Glacier. They are still gigantic but unfortunatly nothing compared how they were few years ago.
I tryed to catch some trouts at the lake but all I got were some small eels, not worth to kill and prepare for cooking.

We are at the Lake Hawea on a campsite near Queenstown at the moment and enjoy the great nature around us. Unfortunatly the weather changed. We had a lot of rain yesterday and last night, but we handle it quite well that everything drys before we move on.

I miss home pretty much, but not in a bad way. I am either excited what the future will bring me when I come home. I have a lot of plans building in my head and I can't wait to work on them. I have a lot of discussions with my mates and I feel that I learn so much from them.
Next week will be filled with the Fjordland National Park. After that we will stay few days in Queenstown to celebrate Gregors birthday.

- Luca



After we finished the Abel Tasman Coasttrack we camped a few days on a campsite near Takaka. We did a daytrip to the Farewell Spit and enjoyed the sun. We continued our journey and drove to Westport at the westcoast, then further north until we ended up on a campingground in the middle of nowhere. We stayed there for 2 nights and are now on the way south to Greymouth. We are pretty lucky with the weather so far, blue skies and a pleasant temperature since we arrived.

- Luca


Abel Tasman Coast Track




































Full loaded car arrived at the south island

The last week at Duncans beautiful private hostel passed and so we left Napier finally after 3 months of work and a lot of fun. It was hard to say goodbye. Duncan and Pinky did so much for us. Helped us with finding work, a car, went fishing with us, celebrated christmas and new years eve and so much more. I am so thankful that I met such nice Newzealanders. We still keep in contact and I am sure I will get back to them when I will travel the north island in the last month of my journey.

Alex joined the group in the last week in Napier and lived with us at Duncans house. After we left Napier we went straight to Wellington and picked up Hannes at the airport. We slept one night at a free campsite near the city and early in the morning we drove to the ferryharbour and checked in.
4 hours later we arrived in Picton on the south island. It is totally different to the north island in my eyes. More vegetation, hills covered of trees. The north island was more like a lot of agriculture and meadows.
We went from Picton to Nelson and bought some food for the Abel Tasman Track. We've booked 4 campsites on the 60-70km coasttrack and slept the first night on the south island on a small, lonely, quiet and absolutly gorgeous beach.
So we hiked 60-70km in the last 4 days. I cannot express the beauty of the track. Just watch the pictures and you will understand how unreal it felt to me to walk on this white sand and swim in the fresh blue water.

We are now having breakfast at the end of the Abel Tasman Coast Track and gonna drive down the westcoast in the next 2 weeks. We will jump from campsite to campsite and stop in between to view some spots or hike a day.

I am so excited to see more of New Zealand and it is a lot of fun to be on tour with Hannes, Gregor, Florian and Alex.

Next post is hopefully coming soon :)



Hot Christmas & Lovely Beaches

We finally finished our work on the appleorchards last weekend. We enjoyed our day off at the Ocean Beach, before we started to work on the famous vineyards of Hawkes Bay. The applethinning was a huge experience for me. It was actually the first payed work I've ever did in my life. It was a bit hard somedays to maintain the motivation and stay tough in mind, but after all it was more than worth it and I met a lot of interesting people. On the vineyards we get payed per hour , so it is more relaxed because we don't work under pressure to earn as much money as we can. The work itself is much easier than applethinning. What we are doing is called "wire-maintanance". The plants grow between wires to hold them tight and we just put the wires on higher levels, because the plants grew.

We celebrated christmas at our home. We were 11 people in total and enjoyed a lot of food Duncan cooked for us the whole day. From salad to seafood, it was delicious! Because we had beautiful weather, we could eat outside. Few days before christmas we decided that everyone draws 2 person and buys them a present for 15$ each. So even it was a way different christmas than normally, everybody still got some presents. I got a Jack Daniels t-shirt from Gregor and knifes for filleting fishes from Duncan.

The 4 days after christmas are called "Boxing Days" in New Zealand. All stores are opened and have sales to the horizon! 60% 70% 80% off.. We planned to buy all our campinggear we need for the south island in this period of time and so we did. We bought a 6 person tent (95€), 3 sleepingmat (12€ each), 1 campingstool (6€), a fishing rod (30€), ... CHEAP AS!!

Today we went to the Ocean Beach again. Although the sea is really flat at the moment, the waves are bigger than all I've ever seen in Europe. We played football and enjoyed our day off in the sun.


About our future plans: A second friend of Gregor and Florian (called Alex) will come to New Zealand at the 8th of January and travel with us for a month. We will leave Napier at the 16th and drive straight towards the south island, because the other friend I mentioned in the last posts (called Hannes) arrives in Wellington instead of Auckland, so we can just pick him up on our way.


I hope you all enjoyed christmas, I did! And I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve and will continue the blog in 2015!




Cape Kidnappers
















"The Lucky Days"

My fellows and I noticed that ruffly every 2 weeks something happens to us that really brings us forward on our experience here in New Zealand. We call them "The Lucky Days" and I would like to explain you why we think so and what happened to us on these days.


The first "Day of Luck" was definetly the day in Auckland when we got to know each other. I could offer them 2 free bustickets to Napier (because of the other germans who changed their plans) and they decided to come with me.


The second "Day of Luck" was, when Duncan picked us up and offered us that dream accomondation.


The third one was a bit later, when we got our job on the orchard to thin apples.


The fourth day happened to us last week. After a german friend who worked with us quit the job because of other plans, we had no driver to get to the orchards and back. We already thought of buying a car together to become independed and more flexible, so we immediately searched and found a car which fits our ideas perfectly. We met the carseller and 2 hours later we drove back home in a white 1997 Mitsubishi Legnum Stationwagon. We could pay it already from our first wage we got the day before. To have a car makes everything so much easier. We plan to travel on the south island from 20. January to the end of February. With a big tent in the trunk and a lot of other campinggear, but first of all we have to work on the appleorchards until christmas. We will celebrate traditional kiwi-christmas with Duncan, his girlfriend Pinky, the german friend who worked with us, an italian woman and an indish woman with her boyfriend who stay at Duncans house as we do. After new year we will work two more weeks on a vineyard before leaving Napier. We will pick up a friend of Florian and Gregor at the Auckland Airport and travel to the south island. Thats the ruff plan we got for the next month.


Lets see what else will happen to us in the next time. :P




Moreover, we went to the Cape Kidnappers in Hastings on our day off last weekend. A 5 hours trip along the beach with a stunning view onto rocks in the sea, birds and seals. Check out the pictures in the next post.


And last but not least, we watched "The Hobbit" in the Napier cinema yesterday. To our surprise, there where more Germans than Kiwis in the cinema. Looks like many german backpackers come to Hastings and Napier for work.




Thats pretty much it to tell, I hope you all enjoy the advent and don't freeze to much. :)










Pictures of the orchards & my birthday

The 2 guys on the orchards are my fellows Florian (in black) and Gregor (in white), who travel with me since Auckland.















Work hard - Party harder

6 days of work and I slowly notice that the job maybe does not take a lot of physical effort, but mental. To be honest and clear, it is fucking boring. Starting at 7.30am, half mind thinking of lunchbreak already, the other half still in bed. I always think I am much slower than the day before and fear to not reach the minimum wage this day, but after a few trees I get into it again and just hope that the time ticks faster, if I listen to music while working. 12pm is lunchbreak, that means eating (4kg) noodlesalad (in 2 days) or homemade pizza and drinking an energydrink to fully wake up finally. After that, straight back into the treerows and continue thinning. It is really not hard work, and I can reach the minimum wage every day with a solid but human speed. But after 6 hours your motivation and your mental toughness decreases with every apple you thin, every tree you complete and every row you finish, so i am always happy when the day comes to an end. We will get paid thursday this week, ruffly about 700$ -20% taxes, leads to a weekly wage of 500$ (300€). Thats pretty good money.

All in all the week had better and worse days, but as reward for all that I celebrated one of the best days of my life, my birthday. It all started with the good news in the morning, that we just had to work until lunch that Saturday. After that we went into town to buy food and some alcohol, because six german friends I got to know in Auckland wanted to come over from Hastings to celebrate my day. We started at 8pm, eating - drinking - celebrating, until 3am. Duncan had no problem with it and stayed awake few hours, celebrating with us. So many stories about everything were told and we had a lot of fun.


Although I am far away from home I enjoyed a proper birthday with friends and presents. And at this point I would like to thank some people for their awesomeness.

My sisters for the necklace and letters which made me smile and laugh. My girlfriend and best friends for their letters. My german fellows for the awesome cap. My parents for the letters and for giving me birth of course. My homestay Duncan and Pinky for the NewZealandShirt + chocolate. And of course everyone else who texted me.


I really appreciate all your support and I am glad to have all of you, waiting for me to come home.




Job: (finally) check!

More weeks passed by and it gets time for a new and more detailed report.

After we waited such a long time for work and were a little bit pissed of with being bored, we decided to check the work and income office (Arbeitsamt) in Napier. We asked for seasonal work and had a map with several adresses of orchardemployers around Napier when we left the building. At home, already the second employer we called wanted to meet us the next day. So we did. A really friendly and nice Maori welcomed us and offered us work as apple thinner, starting two days later. We were so happy, because we finally found what we were searching for and didn't had to wait more weeks. Moreover, because applethinning is not really a job which requires a lot of physical effort. You don't have to bend over or carry heavy things the whole day. You just have to thin small apples that there are less fruits on a tree which can eventually grow bigger than they would, if they share their space with a lot more. But still, after the first workingday we realized that we still need to be faster to reach the requirements of our employer. But neverless, the second and third workingday revealed process. And so will the fourth do tomorrow. We have to work from monday to saturday, from ruffly 7.30 am to 3.30 pm. And it is possible that we have to work sundays as well if its needed. The work will last up to christmas which fits perfect to our ideas. Well thats actually it about work. I am gonna share more experiences next week sunday i guess, as well how much I got payed for this week.

Other changes are, that Florian, Gregor and I decided to buy a car in ruffly 2 months and travel the south island together. Still with tents and campinggear but by car instead of busses which gives us the possibility to be more flexible and reach places you wouldn't if you travel by bus.

Further more Duncan suggested us to celebrate a traditional Kiwi-christmas. That will be a great experience.

Well that should be it for today. More stuff will come up next sunday I guess, maybe with some pictures of the orchard we are working on.




Promised Pictures

..of my little Longboardtrip (22km)













2 things to mention

First thing is, my Longboard finally arrived! :) I am unbelievable happy and can't wait to try it out tomorrow morning. Pictures will follow in the next days!

The second thing, pretty strange but funny. New Zealanders don't have quark. No kidding, they just don't have or actually really know it! :D
But well we are creative young people, so we decided to create our own. Pretty simple (if it really works) just add bit buttermilk to milk and some other easy stuff, not worth to explain. :P

Few pics coming up in the next days!! Cause we have beeeautiful weather at the moment, good reason to go for a walk or ride.

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